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Financial Seminar in Shanghai - Mortgage Market Design: How to prevent future financial crises
9 March 2016

Residential mortgages are of first-order importance for households, financial institutions, and macroeconomic stability. The typical household in a developed economy has one dominant asset - a house or apartment - and one dominant liability - a mortgage. The global financial crisis that began in 2007 has made it abundantly clear that problems in mortgage lending have the potential to destabilize the financial system and the economy.

In this talk Professor Kasper Meisner Nielsen will talk about mortgage market design and the appealing features of mortgage markets that can help reduce the risk of future financial crises.

Speaker Bio

Professor Kasper Meisner Nielsen is Associate Professor at HKUST, and Academic Director of the HKUST-NYU Stern MS in Global Finance Program. He received his Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, and Ph.D. degrees in Economics from the University of Copenhagen. He previously taught at Chinese University of Hong Kong and Copenhagen Business School, and has been a visiting scholar at Stern School of Business at New York University. Prof Nielsen's research interests are corporate governance, entrepreneurial finance, family business, and household finance. His research has featured in international newspapers and magazines including Business Week, Financial Times, Harvard Business Review, International Herald Tribune, The Economist, The Times of India, and Wall Street Journal. On his area of expertise he has served as an external advisor, consultant, and lecturer to government agencies and companies in China, Denmark, and Hong Kong.

Seminar Rundown

09:00        Registration and Networking
09:15        Welcome and Opening
09:30        Presentation
10:30        Q&A
11:00        Event Ends


AmCham Shanghai Conference Centre
Suite 568, Shanghai Centre, 1376 Nanjing Road West,
Shanghai, China

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