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Global Finance Seminar Series: The Next Financial Crisis
16 October 2009


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Date:                          Monday, 16 November 2009

Time:                         6:30pm - 8:00pm
Venue:                       55/F Two IFC

Language:                English


To make sense of recent upheavals in the world economy and shed light on what may happen next, the South China Morning Post is collaborating with HKUST Business School / NYU Stern School of Business and the Treasury Markets Association to organise a special Global Finance Seminar Series.

At each event, distinguished speakers and academics will provide updates, analysis and market insights to explain the dominant issues and predict their implications for the region.

In this seminar, the following will be covered:


  • We don't know when the next financial crisis will be, but we know it willhappen because it is inevitable.
  • The next crisis will have the same tendencies and follow the same paths.
  • Financial crises sometimes provoke the right policy responses and sometimes they do not.
  • Where are we in the recovery of the present crisis?
  • What are the threats to recovery from the present crisis/ the seeds of the next crisis?

Stay a step ahead of the markets.


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Seminar by -

Keynote Speaker -
Prof Thomas Cooley, Dean of NYU Stern

Panelist -
Mr KK Tse, Executive VP of State Street Bank & Trust Co.

Moderator -
Mr Reginald Chua, Editor-in-Chief of SCMP

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