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Financial Seminars

Global Finance Seminar Series: The Financial World in 2014
16 November 2013

Organized partly in celebration of the 6th anniversary of the MSGF program, The Financial World in 2014 was held at Conrad Hong Kong. There were three sessions in the alumni seminar that are liked by all:


Session 1 – Keynote Presentation: RMB Internationalization

Keynote speaker: Mr George Leung Siu Kay, Advisor, Asia Pacific, The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited


Session 2 – The State of Regulation 5 years After the Financial Crisis

Speaker:              Prof Menachem Brenner, Research Professor of Finance, NYU Stern & MSGF Academic Director

Panelists:             Prof Menachem Brenner

   Mr Henry Cheng, Executive Director (Banking Supervision), Hong Kong Monetary Authority

Moderator:           Mr David Line, Managing Editor, Industry & Management Research, Asia Economist Intelligence Unit

                           MSGF Alumnus of Class 2011-12


Session 3 – Will the FED do It? Will the Global Economy do It?

Speaker:              Prof Thomas Pugel, Professor of Economics and Global Business, Vice Dean for MBA Programs, NYU Stern

Panelists:             Prof Thomas Pugel

   Dr Mingchun Sun, Senior Partner & Chief Economist, China Broad Capital Co., Ltd

Moderator:           Mr Demetri Sevastopulo, South China Regional Correspondent, Financial Times


Unlike other seminar in the series, the event was opened for MSGF alumni only. Attending MSGF alumni had a wonderful time gaining insights of global market overview. Apart from getting an update of current global business and finance issues and its implication in the region, they had a fabulous opportunity to network with top notch professors from HKUST / NYU Stern, economists, banking and finance practitioners and experts.