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Global Finance Seminar Series: The Eurozone Crisis: Some Provocative Views
11 September 2012

Presented by HKUST-NYU Stern Master of Science in Global Finance, CFA Institute & South China Morning Post

The chain of events sparked by the global credit crunch has remorselessly exposed the fundamental weaknesses of the Eurozone project.

This Global Finance Seminar not only looked at the underlying causes and the immediate triggers for the downward spiral, but proposes some provocative solutions.

Keynote speaker Prof Bruno Solnik of HKUST, set out

·         why this is a Eurozone and not a Euro Crisis

·         the conflict between the objectives of politicians and those of financial markets

·         the underlying risks in a fixed exchange rate system

·         the reason why brutal medicine is often better than lingering sickness

·         the difference between the Eurozone’s real and nominal problems

·         how a private sector debt crisis evolved into a government debt crisis

Other speakers / panellists included:

Mr Water Cheung, Senior Partner and CEO, Asia Pacific, StormHarbour Securities

Dr Wendy Guo, CFA, Head, Education, Asia Pacific Operations, CFA Institute

Mr Jimmy Jim, CFA, President of Hong Kong Society of Financial Analysts and Chief Investment Officer, HSBC Insurance, Asia Pacific

Mr Kenneth Howe, Deputy Editor, SCMP Publishers Ltd