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“A great opportunity to broaden my experience” in the Financial Times by Michael Chiu
18 June 2012

Michael Chiu was passionate about the Master of Science in Global Finance (the MSGF) program because he thought it would provide a unique opportunity to gain a wealth of academic knowledge and global business experiences; with the prestige of both NYU and HKUST, immersed across three key financial centers of New York, Hong Kong, and Beijing.

He reckoned he would be energized from lively debates with like-minded professionals; about contemporary issues and ideologies to broaden his own thinking and world views.

To him, completion of the MSGF would grant him the credibility and access to a valuable network to cultivate his career aspirations which is to work on every continent and to travel the world.

Michael is now half way through the MSGF and is  completing it this November. Please read on and find out whether what he had envisaged was right.