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Global Finance Seminar Series - Moving from Liquidity- to Growth-driven Markets
27 June 2014

For the 3rd session of the Global Finance Seminar Series 2014, we are pleased to have Mr. Shaun Roache, Resident Representative in Hong Kong at the International Monetary Fund, as speaker.  During his 10 years with IMF, Mr Roache has worked in Brazil, China, G-20 multilateral surveillance, and global commodity markets. He also worked as part of the team managing the Fund's investments.


Deriving from the latest IMF Global Financial Stability Report, Mr. Roache spoke on the topic “Moving from Liquidity- to Growth-Driven Markets”, highlighting analysis on monetary policy of the United States, liquidity of the emerging markets, deflation and reflection in Japan, and the integration of the euro area, among others.


More than 80 attendees enjoyed Mr Roache’s enlightening and informative presentation, which included members of CFA / HKSFA, HKUST alumni, MSGF alumni, NYU Stern alumni, other industry professionals and the media.