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Module 1: Global Macro & Asian Markets
18 November 2013

The aim of this module is to provide financial decision-makers with concepts, relationships, and frameworks to better understand crucial aspects of the global macroeconomy and the interplay among national economies and financial markets.


Our discussion focused on current issues, including the ongoing recovery from the global financial and economic crisis that began in 2007 and worsened in 2008, the fiscal-based crisis in the euro area, and the rising importance of China in the global economy.


The module provided an intense survey of big-picture issues and also served as a solid base for our study of global finance in subsequent modules of the program.


Prof Thomas Pugel provided tools and concepts and emphasized developments in the United States and Europe. He was very encouraging and open-minded with questions. He took us through the concepts in a very systemic manner and made the content very digestible. The in-class discussions were very insightful and well-facilitated. Prof Pugel was very good in elaborating and explaining the tricky part of the topics. He really helped break down the many macro concepts out there to present the overall picture. A good experience to learn from him.


Prof Danyang Xie focused on China. His perspective on the CPC’s reform plans is the most useful. The professor had a lot of facts and details. The future challenges for China, insights to Asian markets, alignment of China with the US, Europe and the rest of the world, etc have been very informative. The discussion on the issues that China faces going forward was very interesting.


Prof Xi Li then concluded the module by providing links to core finance and investment issues. He is very knowledgeable. We found the innovative thinking and open-mindedness of the professor most useful. Interesting insights / ideas and proposals for solutions to the current crisis. Stats and charts told a great story. Provided strong evidence for professor’s theories. We found the entire session very stimulating and thought provoking, contrasting ideas helped quite a bit. Really interesting lecture.