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Module 9 & 10 (NEW YORK WEEKS): Risk Management in Financial Institutions and Topics in Financial Markets & Innovation
12 August 2013

Module 9 was well presented. Very interesting and in-depth course by great professors, which we enjoyed very much. It was amazing to have the opportunity to hear from "first interpretations" of the books and models. Fantastic classes. Thanks for the energetic lectures from all the professors and staff.


The new topics in Module 10 were enjoyable, and the content was not as heavy. We liked the mix VCPE, credit derivatives, CEO compensation, etc. This module was the best of the program. We had critical gap-filling material on valuation that alone would have made this program worthwhile. Fantastic!


We had great speaker sessions. Tough session to teach because it was the last session. Great energy. Good and clear presentation, recapping previous modules on macroeconomics, risk, etc. Good flow of discussion and easy to follow.


One of the speakers at New York Week, Prof William Silber, Marcus Nadler Professor of Finance and Economics signed his latest book VOLCKER: The Triumph of Persistence, a biography of Paul A. Volcker, former Chairman of the Federal Reserve. Prof Silber was a finalist in the Goldman Sachs / Financial Times 2012 Business Book of the Year Award and has been the subject of in-depth reviews in the press. The book has been a huge success, selected as one of the Best Business Books of 2012 (Bloomberg Businessweek) and named one of 2012’s Great Leadership Books by the Washington Post.