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Module 8: Fixed Income Instruments & Markets
12 July 2013

The goals of this module were to describe important fixed income securities and markets, and develop tools for valuing fixed income securities and managing interest rate risk.  The course covered traditional bonds and term structure concepts as well as fixed income derivatives and interest rate modeling.


There were several parts of the module we found most useful. In-class exercises, practical real examples worked through during class, clarity, encouraged participation, professor’s energy and love to teach were all tremendously helpful.  


Prof Carpenter was very intelligent, well prepared and really knows how to teach. What a rare blend of excellent teaching, cutting-edge research and highly relevant, practical problem-solving! She genuinely cares about ensuring that we learn, and she integrates contributions from students quite effectively into her dynamic lectures. We are very fortunate to have her teach (and inspire) us.


Best module in finance in my life! Very well-presented. Very difficult but most useful in practice.