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Module 7 (BEIJING WEEK): Banking Reform & Corporate Risk Management in China
24 May 2013

Topics include

  1. an overview of Chinese financial system (by Prof Xiaozu Wang of Fudan University)
  2. China's commercial banks: governance and investment value (by Dr. Qun Xie)
  3. global financial regulatory reform (by Mr Xiaoling Zhang, Deputy Director-General at China Banking Regulatory Commission)
  4. Chinese markets in an interconnected world (By Prof Yubo Chen)
  5. venture capital, entrepreneurship and China's capital markets (by Prof Ning Jia)
  6. corporate risk management (by Prof Jack Li)
  7. prevention of legal risk in the business arena (by Ms Michelle Gon, Partner, Baker & McKenzie LLP, Shanghai)

There was also a seminar of ICBC and a company visit to Tsinghua Tongfang.

The followings are what we found most useful:

  1. The in-depth look into China's financial system. Prof Wang came to the lecture well-prepared.
  2. We really liked the topic, the interesting perspective, practical examples and coverage, insight to banking and the handouts. Dr. Xie came to the lecture motivated.
  3. The part on Basel and real-life examples. Mr Zhang was a very clear communicator.
  4. Overview of e-commerce, references to China tech firms, totally un-PC commentary, smart observations, references to top CEOs who are Prof Chen’s friends. Enthusiasm and voice levels of Prof Chen were very good. Very interesting and very well presented.
  5. Life role model, breakdown of VC structures and differences / comparison which were extremely useful, lots of background, China / US comparisons. Most relevant material. Prof Jia was by far the best professor. Excellent presentation, energetic, engaging and insightful. She was the runway winner for this module in terms of experience, knowledge and presentation. What an outstanding example of academic and practical expertise that we can only access through HKUST-NYU Stern's MSGF program. Well-structured and linear --> easy to follow, interesting statistics, good delivery.
  6. China insights, case study and the assessment of risk, great stories from the instructor's experience, Chinese culture, risk cases. Well prepared material and cases. We love case studies! Prof Li was very knowledgeable, friendly and happy to answer questions. Very pleasant, extremely patient with students, great insight to China, really liked the SOE coverage. Enjoyable session. This is what we expected for the degree.
  7. Insightful advice on business in China, very good insights of China law, Chinese culture and examples, case study and personal sharing. Cross-border corporate structures were not only diagrammed and explained but also compared and contrasted. We really liked Ms Gon. Very organized, great energy, really interesting info and clear explanation. Very knowledgeable and shows an adept passion for the topics. Structured well, prepared instructor. Fantastic lecture.


As for the company visit, we found the parts on government expenditure most useful. Excellent anecdotes, very good cultural experience, not so much for the info as for exposure to traditional corporate presentation and meeting practices in Chinese corporate culture.