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Module 6: Applied Corporate Finance & Valuation
19 April 2013

This module built on the concepts covered in the previous modules on corporate finance and asset markets. The goal was to apply these concepts to valuation of projects and businesses and to understand how firms create value through restructuring assets and liabilities. The main theme of the module was to understand how firms create value through restructuring assets, liabilities and organizational design. The advanced valuation topics covered in the course applied valuation skills to a variety of major corporate finance problems. These included: (i) equity valuation, (ii) mergers and acquisitions, and (iii) highly leveraged transactions (private equity investments). The course used a mixture of lectures and case analyses.


Mr Zilong Zhang the TA did an excellent job explaining concept and reviewing the case. He was concise and clearly conveyed the most important points, very well at communicating. Very clear speaker, went at a good pace and easy to follow. Perfect use of Excel in class. The whole tutorial was incredibly useful.


We found the clarity of Prof Goyal, clear materials & simulation most useful. Case studies were incredibly useful. We loved the discussion we had going over case studies. Great fun. Prof Goyal is incredibly patient, knowledgeable, well-prepared, well-spoken, well-paced & clear in his explanation. He is not only technically adept but also an excellent teacher of complicated ideas. Great communicator, very approachable and business-oriented. We have never accomplished so much and learned so much in such a short time! We really like the multi-media instruction – video clips, simulation & guest speakers. The entire module (including speaker sessions) were very relevant to our work & was extremely helpful & insightful. All the course materials are very good. We think this module was super relevant. Excellent learning experience.