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Module 4: Portfolio Management & Asset Allocation
15 February 2013

The aim of this Module was to provide participants with tools and knowledge in global asset allocation, with particular emphasis on the management of risk. The Module also introduced us to behavioral finance and the implication for asset allocation.


 Real life industry examples were provided. In-class problem sets were given to participants daily. The currency hedging exercises were very practical. Interesting (yet very challenging but very useful) questions were to be answered given a turn-around time of normally half a day. We were to assume the roles of an asset manager, an investor in French stocks living in Hong Kong, an international money manager for a wealthy old Swiss lady, a Japanese investor, an Italian investor who owned a portfolio of South Korean stocks..... the list was endless!


We think Victor the TA was clear and tied it back to fundamental concepts which was helpful.  This was the right tutorial. We need someone who knows very well the topic, and is able to explain the concepts in a very clear (and patient) and concise manner. Victor did an excellent job during the tutorial. He explained concepts thoroughly and showed how to apply each equation in exercises. Good refreshment of Module 3. Thank you.


We found practical cases to illustrate ideas and concepts most useful. Real life examples, in-class exercises, jokes to remember. Until now, our favourite class and teacher (Prof Solnik). The professor’s humour when teaching kept the content interesting and lively. He made learning fun. Bruno was very genuine and clearly loves to teach. We are really getting a very nice life experience. It was interesting / useful to dive into the investment strategies employed in those cases, and analyse the detailed mechanics. Really fun. The logistics of the Program is perfect as well. Bravo!