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Referral Program with Token of Appreciation
25 March 2009

Referral Program with Token of Appreciation

Being a current or previous participant of MSGF Program, let’s work together to make our program even more successful and powerful.


We sincerely invite you to introduce our program to your friends and colleagues. As a token of appreciation, we have specifically selected a book – Restoring Financial Stability: How to Repair a Failed System - for your referral that leads to a successful/complete application to the upcoming intake of the Program.




Why We Pick This Book?


Located in New York City and right in the epicenter of the financial tsunami, NYU Stern is a premier research institution where more than 200 faculty members conduct forward-looking research and consulting with leading corporations around the world. The financial crisis has provided a unique opportunity to harness the collective expertise of NYU Stern faculty to make a serious contribution to the repair efforts underway.

Introducing an independent view of the financial crisis, Restoring Financial Stability: How to Repair a Failed System of 18 targeted and definitive White Papers authored by 33 Stern academics that offer financial policy alternatives — and specific courses of action — to restore the global financial system.


* Click to learn more about the White Paper Project



P.S. Alternatively purchase can be made through our office at the price of HKD280 per copy.






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