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Opening Ceremony & Dinner for Class of 2014
18 November 2013

The opening session for Class of 2014 took place on Nov 18, 2013.  This year we are very pleased to receive another class of 44 high caliber and diverse students of 17 citizenships from Asia, North and Central America, and Africa.  The group comes with an average age of 35 with 10.8 years of work experience; most of them work in the finance industry or related functions.  60% of the class flies to Hong Kong for classes.


For the Opening Ceremony we had Rosita Lee and Caio Galvao (MSGF Alumni , Class of 2013) as Masters of Ceremony.  They shared with us their valuable experience in the last 12 months, and gave the new students some head-ups for the challenging yet rewarding MSGF journey they just embarked on.


Welcome remarks were given by Prof Kalok Chan, Acting Dean, HKUST Business School and Prof Thomas Pugel, Vice Dean for MBA Programs, NYU Stern. Prof Bruno Solnik, Academic Director of the MSGF Program also greeted the new class with a short speech.