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Program Events

MSGF First Alumni Dinner
16 November 2013

The MSGF Program’s first alumni dinner was held at Conrad Hong Kong on November 16, 2013. The hearty evening started with a cocktail reception where almost a hundred alumni and guests mingled warmly before dinner was served.


Connie Chan (MSGF Class of 2013) and Jason Yau (MSGF Class of 2012) were Masters of Ceremony of the evening.  Alumni of 6 cohorts flew in from different parts of the world.  We were also honored to have the presence of a number of distinguished guests. They included:

  • Prof KC Chan, Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury, HKSAR ; former Dean of HKUST Business School and founding member of MSGF Program
  • Prof Tony Chan, President, HKUST
  • Prof Kalok Chan, Acting Dean, HKUST Business School
  • Prof Eitan Zemel, Vice Dean for Global and Executive Programs, NYU Stern
  • Prof Thomas Pugel, Vice Dean for MBA Programs, NYU Stern
  • Prof Menachem Brenner, Academic Director of MSGF Program, NYU Stern
  • Ms Erin O’ Brien, Associate Dean, Global Degree Programs and Executive Education, NYU Stern   
  • Prof Bruno Solnik, Academic Director of MSGF Program, HKUST
  • Prof Sudipto Dasgupta, Prof Vidhan Goyal, Prof Veronique Lafon-Vinais, and Prof Xi Li, HKUST
  • Mr Stuart Leckie, Chairman of Stirling Finance Ltd.
  • Ms Wendy Guo, Head, Education, CFA Institute, as well as
  • Mr Richard Yap and Mr Alberto Pagliarini, The Stern Alumni Society in Hong Kong


Welcome remarks were given by Prof Tony Chan, Prof Eitan Zemel and Prof Kalok Chan, followed by a toasting as well as a group photo taking. Prof KC Chan, our Guest of Honor, also shared with us the making of the MSGF program from conceptualization to reality.


The Pop Quiz hosted by Prof Bruno Solnik and Prof Menachem Brenner marked the highlight of the evening. The two Academic Directors were so entertaining that cameras kept flashing and laughter filled the air for 15 minutes non-stop until fine wines were presented to the winning table.


The Program Office thoughtfully prepared a photo holder, with alumni’s graduation photo and the group photo taken during the event putting side by side. This keepsake of invaluable memories was liked by all. A second backdrop at the venue showcasing individual photos of each and every alumnus on the iconic MSGF origami bird became a photo-taking point of all alumni.


While the food and fun was enjoyed by all that present, alumni remarked what they cherished most was the opportunity to reunion with their fellow classmates across different cohorts. This superb networking opportunity has proven to be one of the important elements of the MSGF program that benefits all alumni professionally and personally.