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Program Events

Closing Ceremony & Dinner for Class of 2014
15 November 2013

Every year a new class kicks off at Tin Ka Ping Hall at the HKUST campus where students also bid farewell to their fellow schoolmates.  Students from our sixth intake were no exception.


The welcome remarks delivered by Prof Kalok Chan, Acting Dean, HKUST Business School and Prof Eitan Zemel, Vice Dean for Global and Executive Programs, NYU Stern were enjoyed by all present.


Similar to previous years, our program office prepares a special gift for all the students - a commemorative album logging all the memories they had together while working on the Program. There were snapshots as well as sharing from students of what they learnt from our faculty members.  These will prove to be precious lifetime memories.


Pauline Nguyen and Holland Sullivan of the graduating class presented a truly hilarious and meaningful sharing session during the closing dinner. A round of applause to Pauline and Holland, as well all those contributed to the success of the great evening!


Students have put tremendous efforts in pursuing to excel in the Program over the past year.  It was indeed an immense pleasure to see all of them overcoming the challenges and reaching another milestone in their personal / professional life.