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Student Activities

Luncheon Talk by Mr. Benjamin Hung
18 November 2008

We were delighted to have invited Mr. Benjamin Hung, the Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited, to give our students of class 2008 a short talk about the outlook of the banking industry on 18 November, the last day of the closing session.


Mr. Hung briefly talked about the recent events that happened in the banking and financial sector. He quoted some examples that showed how the financial market turmoil has affected the industry. Also, he gave his views on the future role of banks and how the role will change in the foreseeable future given all that has happened in the recent past.


His speech received favorable responses from the students who initiated interactive discussion with Mr. Hung. The students shared some of their experiences with the audience and also asked for opinions from Mr. Hung relating to the recent financial events. Besides students, some faculties and staff also attended the talk.


Given Mr. Hung’s 20 years of international banking experiences in Hong Kong, United Kingdom and Canada, he provided insightful views on the recent outlook of the banking and financial sector. Students enjoyed listening to Mr. Hung’s presentation and learned a great deal through interactive discussion.