Next Steps



1.  Will I be considered for admissions if I do not have a finance background at work or study?

We expect our participants to come with good quantitative and number skills.  A finance background at work or study will be helpful but it is not a must.  In general, prior studies major in business, science, economics, accounting and finance, or professional qualifications such as CPA or CFA will be good demonstrations of quantitative skills.


2.  I have a master degree but no bachelor degree.  Does this satisfy the admissions requirement?

Yes.  We require our applicant to be qualified at least at undergraduate level.  Those with a master degree but no bachelor degree are welcome to apply.


3.  I do not have 5 years of full time working experience, will my application be accepted?

A minimum of 5 years full-time work experience is required for admissions. Applicants with close to 5 years of work and a strong background will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


4.  Can I get some advice on my candidacy before applying?

We strongly recommend our applicants to schedule an Info Meeting with us, where you will meet our program staff in person or via phone, and can clarify questions you have about the program or your candidacy.  Please send your resume to (HKUST) or  (NYU Stern) to make an appointment.


5.  When should I expect a result after submitting an application?

In general, an admissions result can be released within four weeks after a complete set of application materials is received.A selection interview will be arranged for shortlisted applicants.